by David F Marks

The archetype location for the viewing of fine art has traditionally been indoors, in the white cube pristine spaces of the art gallery. To an increasing extent artists are working in outdoor spaces.
Natalya Critchley has completed a massive artwork on a roof of a school in a Caracas hillside with full collaboration from the local community. The mural is several hundred square metres and can be viewed from the hillside above. The design for the mural for the Don Pedro School with drawings by students features native Forest of Kapok trees.

Artist Natalya Critchley up on the roof

There is no real limit to the potential for art in the big outdoors and around the community. Artists in our gallery are getting a lot of outdoor exposure these days.
Ewan McDougall’s art is being placed on containers in earthquake-prone Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand by Bryan Lestrange’s gallery.
A massive printed image of Ewan’s ‘Hit th road Jack’ [on tarpaulin] is being put on the containers that are there to prevent rock falls across the road.